Frequently Asked Questions

How does the internet service work?

We use fixed wireless technology to provide service to your house via line of site from one of our towers. We install a radio transceiver on your roof that points to a tower. A cable is run from the roof to the inside of your house and is then connected to a device to power the radio and provide an interface to your computer.

Can I connect multiple devices to the internet?

Yes, you are able to connect multiple devices with a wireless router. The wireless router is connected inline before your computer and transmits wireless inside the house. This allows you to connect wireless devices an well as four wired devices. ?15MB and higher plans are recommended for multiple devices.

Does weather affect the service like satellite TV?

No, weather does not affect the service like satellite service is affected. We are a line of site to a tower and not a satellite services. ?As long as the radio has line of site to the tower from your house the service will work. ?Extreme storms that include hail, lightning or tornadoes could affect the service by damaging the equipment.

Is there a bandwidth cap on the service?

No, unlike satellite companies, we do not cap the bandwidth use. You do not have to worry about getting your service shut off for exceeding bandwidth limits. ?NOTE – 4K TV streaming from any content provider is not supported under any Nextlink plan.

Does Nextlink support VPNs?

Yes our internet does support VPN tunnels for those that need to connect for work at home or SOHO deployments.

How long does it take the installer to setup the service?

Generally, setup can be done in about 2 hours, but depending on the structure of the residence it can take longer.

Can you mount to metal or tile roof tops?

Additional equipment may be necessary for specialized roofing materials such as tile or metal roofs for stability and to avoid damage to those surfaces.